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Newb Champions

Hey guys! Nice to meet you! My name's Blake, and I am new to the Champion/Hero System set of RPGs. Initially, my gaming group was running a Mage: The Awakening campaign, but my Storyteller/GM prompted us the other day with a suggestion that we move to some more open/less background kind of system - he found that he really wanted to push things to their natural extremes but given the dense and limiting setting it was difficult to do this.
He sighted the anime "One Piece" as an example of the extremes he wanted to go to; to invent a world where anything could happen and often does. He wanted a very high powered campaign as well, and wanted to see us do impossible actiony things on a regular basis, and not just politic like we were doing in Mage.
As far as setting, Nick, our GM, and I were sort of on the same page - science fiction/fantasy, airships, mechs, giant swords - all the tropes of steampunk and anime and that sort of thing. Michelle, our second player and friend, wanted a modern superhero campaign. We decided that whatever we did, we were going to compromise and bring in elements of both, and concocted the idea of a setting where chunks of the continents lifted into the sky after the great depression and this massive event caused people to change, so that everyone in the world has powers to varying extents. Remnants of bygone civilizations were found in the oceans below where land used to be: relics of civilizations crushed thousands of years ago by millions of pounds of dirt. Everyone interprets their powers differently so some believe they are wizards, and others wear capes and cowels. You have some unusual fantasy elements too like high tech zeppelins roaming the skies, and sky pirates and the like, but you also have police officers and firemen and construction workers just trying to do their jobs, with and without the aid of their powers.
Nick suggested GURPS as the system we used to make this happen, but Michelle advised that "that game Champions" might be the best route, and insisted that it was a malleable enough system that we could bring all of these elements to the table. However, it had been some time since she'd played the system, and we are kind of scrambling through the supplements to find out how to make this work.
(Keep in mind this is supposed to be an extremely high powered campaign, so I know our characters might seem a little broken - Nick just plans to match us up against high powered enemies and puzzles). Michelle plans to play a telekinetic (no telepathy, just telekinesis) who can fly, has rapid healing, and fires energy blasts. When she got her powers she was old, so she has somehow learned to reconfigure her cells to be young and viral, but when she goes to sleep or gets knocked out she turns into an old woman Howl's Moving Castle style. This also provides a constant but minute distraction for her - holding her young state.
I plan to play a mechanical engineer who has transhuman intelligence. He can build things extremely fast like MacGuyver x 1000000, and he can power these machines by bestowing a piece of himself into them. I think Nick and I will come up with stuff I can make as we go along, but initially I want to have a set of powered armor in the tradition of Iron Man, and also a second much larger Mech-like set of armor (12 feet tallish) with much greater strength but slower.

But since we're so new, I was hoping I might be able to get some direction. Can anyone point me in the right direction as far as Hero supplements, chapters, pages I can use to make this all happen? I know, very lazy, but it's quite a difference coming from a system like Mage to something as flexible and expansive as the Hero System. If anyone could offer me any kind of advise it would be EXTREMELY appreciated. Nice to meet you all by the way!

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