DrgnMaster (drgnmaster) wrote in championsrpg,

Book of the Machine

Picked it up as a pdf friday. While I'm not impressed with the price as a pdf ($25 more or less) the book is chock full of information. Like the Book of the Destroyer it lists different versions of Mechanon, his bases, hench-devices and other good tidbits. Everything is full color, some of it lifts from previous books (including first edition). The new design for Mechanon based on the online game is...interesting. I can see it as an evolution of the design, not sure if I like it or not, hasn't quite rubbed off on me.

The weirdest part was it talking about using Mechanon in a post-apoc setting. He's won and humanity (including super-heroes) are holding on by a thread. That wasn't weird...going and seeing Terminator: Salvation, where it's pretty much that storyline without Mechanon or Super-heroes was.

I'm not sure what the book will cost, I'm guessing about $40US. If you like him as a bad guy then yes it is worth the price. The major downpoint I saw was that the PDF was color as well, it would have been nice to have a b/w version bundled in to make printing easier. Hero is slowly making a comeback in my eyes. Now if they'd put Luche Libre Hero back in the trashcan where it belongs I'd be happy (well, if they went back to solid four color style gaming I'd be happy).
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