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6th Edition

I'll post my thoughts in a reply since I'm still reading through the books.

Has anyone else picked up 6E and what are your thoughts?
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I got it last night(PDF books on the way)
color (good
bigger fonts (good(getting old)
art (runs the gambit of good to bad
I'm no sure if I'm going to buy it. I've already invested some $500 in books for the game in past years and see no reason to do so again. I doubt they have fixed my own pet peeves with the mechanic or offered alternatives to the problems I'm aware of.
I'm not caught up on all 5th edition stuff.
I'm thinking of completing my collection and just being done with it.

From my research it seems you can't copyright games systems (d6 anyone) but you can copyright game books. Hence the u8pgrade madness with d20. I'll concede at least with hero there is some diffeences in game theory driving this. Bu the whole copyright thing is still driving it.

I suspect this is just one reason the whole RPG hobby seems to be dying. That plus the the vanishing local bookstore and competition from computer games.

BTW Any try to convert Godsend Agenda to hero? It is a d6 to hero conversion.
Actually the law is more complex than this, as they can Trademark terminology and 'Systems' can be patented (WoTC owns several patents to prevent this sort of financial threat to their core products). Same with Algorithms, which can be patented/ Patents don't last as long, and are more expensive to defend in court, but it can be done.

The Hero stuff upgrade may be because of the upcoming 'Champions' online game. They probably decided they needed to make it less math geeky to serve a wide audience and to make the tabletop experience closer to the online one.

Yeah, you can see the shift in the Book of Destroyer & Book of the Machine. They're going to start wrapping the Hero System/Champion's around Champion's Online (A mistake IMHO) and the art is full of C-O character designs.

As for what I've read so far, they've done better with the rules. Breaking it up into two books helped a bit since they have room to expand on explanations. You can tell that Long is a lawyer though, it comes out in the writing.

They've re-named and re-designed some of the powers. Combat is OCV + 11 + 3d6 roll vs Opponents DCV. Characteristics now are all brought, with even OCV/DCV and Mental OCV/DCV as brought stats) so no more SPD = (DEX/10) + 1...you start out with a base SPD of 2 w/ +1 per 10 points.
I really like it personally. Naturally there are details here and there I'm not so hot on, but overall the system seems to be expanding to provide more choices and more opportunities.

As for "wrapping it around the MMO" - that's such a total massive load of heaping stinking BS I can smell it across the internet.

The Champions Universe - the Superhero Setting - is tied in with Champions Online. Not the Hero System.

That rumor needs to die so fucking hard it hurts.

The actual Attack Forumula is 11 + OCV - 3D6 = DCV Hit. Which is the EXACT SAME as it has ALWAYS BEEN, just rearranged.

Only the books that are connected to the Champions Universe will have a prevalent amount of Cryptic art. The main rules are mostly non-cryptic art.